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Leslie North Dental Clinic

At Leslie North Dental we provide all general and most specialist services, however, during the Covid 19 pandemic we have limited our services to only emergency cases. We are prepared with all the regulated Personal Protection Equipments and Infection Control measures for this pandemic condition.

Our office has been approved and listed among Emergency Dental Offices by the Royal College of The Ontario Dental Surgeons.

Area of services

We are conveniently located at Leslie St and Gorham intersection in Newmarket and can serve residencts in Aurora, Stouffville, Newmarket, Barrie and Bradford.

Common Dental Problems

Based on the Ontario Dental Association guidelines, the followings are considered emergencies that should be looked after in a timely manner:

Broken Tooth
Cracked or broken tooth which is causing severe discomfort, sensitivity or pain and affecting the normal function of the patient.
Tooth Infection
Tooth Infection manifest as swollen gum , mild to severe tooth pain and swollen face in that side.
Infected wisdom
Infected wisdom tooth causing swelling , pain and limitation in mouth opening.
Traumatic injuries
Traumatic injuries to the teeth and supporting structures.

Dental Services

In all these conditions a Root Canal Treatment will become necessary.

In our clinic we are prepared to deliver all kinds of safe emergency dental care for our valued patients with the latest technologies and expertises.

Your safety is our priority, therefore only necessary and emergency dental services will be provided.

When you call us , first, you will be screened over the phone by one of our dentists to discuss your tooth symptoms. We must establish that your physical attendance is in fact mandatory before asking you to leave your home.

Should your attendance be required, treatment will be done as efficiently as possible to reduce the wait-time.

If your attendance is not mandatory, we will take other measures for example medicine prescription to ensure your comfort. All appointment booking are made in accordance to new protocols and care-standards set by our governing bodies.

From all of us at Leslie North Dental, please stay home & stay safe.
Remember, we are all in this together.