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Dental Implants as an option for missing tooth – When a tooth is lost due to gum disease, tooth decay or trauma, it needs to be replaced with an artificial/prosthetic tooth as promptly as possible. Traditionally, “bridgework,” which is supported by adjacent natural teeth, has been used to replace missing teeth by dentists for many years. Dental bridges are natural in appearance and usually require only two visits. Nonetheless, there are several shortcomings associated with them. The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth/teeth act as the anchors of the bridge; and, they are required to be shaved (cut down) to provide adequate room for the prosthetic teeth. Grinding the anchoring teeth will make these teeth weaker and possibly requiring root canal treatment. Also, the build-up of bacteria on the supporting teeth can gradually cause dental decay of the anchoring teeth and failure of the bridge. As a rule of thumb, the average longevity of fixed bridges is 7 to 10 years, and in many cases, the bridge is required to be replaced.

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Dental Implants: A Modern Treatment Option

Scientific evidence, over the past four decades, has shown that using dental implants to replace missing teeth can provide outstanding clinical outcomes by providing for the following advantages:
1) Dental implants, unlike “bridgework,” can stop bone shrinkage over time
2) There is no need for grinding the adjacent natural teeth to accommodate the false tooth.
3) Dental implants last for a significantly long time – over 30 years, with routine periodic cleanings.
4) Dental implants can restore almost 100% of natural chewing ability.
5) Technical advancements have made implant surgery a rather mild procedure with a level of pain/discomfort much less than that of having teeth removed.
Documented research and clinical studies indicate success rates of over 95% — the highest of any tooth-replacement option.

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What Are the Options to Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implant - supported False Teeth?

If you plan to replace your missing teeth with dental implants, A dental specialist who has further training in the field of implant dentistry may be surgically placing the implants and inserting crowns, bridges and dentures on those implants.

Replacing a single missing tooth with an implant-crown

one implant and one crown replace a single missing tooth.

single missing tooth with an implant crown newmarket
multiple missing teeth with fixed implant-bridge

Replacing multiple missing teeth with fixed implant-bridge

Multiple implants can support a fixed bridgework to replace several missing teeth. For instance, only 2 implants can predictably support a fixed bridge replacing 4 teeth

Replacing multiple missing teeth with removable implant partial plate

In order to provide a more affordable treatment to replace multiple missing teeth, a few select implants can be placed in strategic positions and connected to the overlying partial. These key implants eliminate unaesthetic clasps, reduce the display of metal parts, and increase the amount of stability and retention to the final restoration. Many patients with limitations in health, anatomy, or finances may benefit from this system. This treatment modality provides options for additional treatment in the future and accommodates future changes in the remaining natural dentition

multiple missing teeth with removable implant partial plate

Replacing full-arch with fixed or removable implant prostheses

Removable option: Over-dentures: where two or more implants provide stabilization of a denture (set of removable false teeth). Over-dentures are now considered the standard of care for those who have lost all of their teeth in one or both jaws





Fixed option: Usually 4 to 6 implants are needed to replace a full arch (jaw) of teeth (10 or more crowns) using fixed bridgework. The aesthetic and durable ceramic full-arch prosthesis is screwed into the implants. This type of prosthesis can only be removed by dentists and it provides the highest level comfort, esthetic and chewing function for the patients.

Remember that an implant-supported restoration is the next best thing to healthy, natural teeth. Strong and stable, dental implants restore lost teeth so that they look, feel, fits and function like a natural tooth.

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